Employment After a Criminal Conviction

Take time to review your employer’s handbook or contract you may have signed with
your employer. Some employers may require you to notify them if you are arrested
or convicted. This is a tricky are in which you must be careful. Unfortunately, if you
were in jail and missed work, arrested at your job site, or if you have had to notify your
employer to get time off for court, your employer might be aware of your arrest and
pending criminal case. Ms. Garcia would help you decide what is best for you and how
to best comply with your employment’s requirements.


You must take note if you are in the middle of a job application process when answering
questions regarding criminal arrests or convictions. Ms. Garcia would help you decide
how best to answer these types of questions or handle a similar situation.

Additionally, you must keep in mind that a criminal conviction could prevent you from
getting a particular job in the future. Ms. Garcia will fight to prevent a conviction which
could negatively impact your future job prospects or career.

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